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Don’t just survive - THRIVE in your pregnancy and labor.

We've seen the difference between our clients who take care of themselves well during this journey and those who do not. Because of this huge disparity, The Pregnancy Project has teamed up with a few healthcare professionals to give you a clear plan to thrive during your pregnancy.
Are you preparing for this season of your life like it matters?


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The Pregnancy Project

Train for pregnancy, labor, and postpartum like you mean it.

  • Confidently move through each trimester
  • Prevent common pregnancy symptoms, like pubic symphysis dysfunction, low back pain, and incontinence
  • Fuel your body with the right nutrients to help you and your baby succeed
  • Practice for labor before it comes
  • Take intentional steps during pregnancy to make postpartum life much easier

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Principles to improve your coordination, flexibility, strength, and balance for a more pleasant pregnancy experience

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Registered Dietitian

Key foods, nutrition tips, and mindset guidance to make sure you're getting what you need to nourish yourself and your baby

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Physical Therapist

Specific movements for each trimester, labor prep, and a jump-start on your postpartum recovery

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Find out what The Pregnancy Project is all about and how to THRIVE during this season

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Glynnis W.

Laura has been such a wonderful resource in the online community for women seeking to understand more about what their bodies are going through. She has stepped out, created a group of women who are willing to share their experiences, and having her guidance has been a great, positive influence on me personally. ❤️

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