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The Postpartum Project

empowered healing through knowledge, mobility, and power


Why is postpartum rehab so confusing?

If you've asked any of these questions, you are definitely not alone!

What is "normal"?     When will my body be healed?     Will I ever feel strong again?     When can I get back to working out?     Am I allowed to do planks?     Does breastfeeding affect my rehab?     What if I'm making things worse?     Is it bad that sex still hurts?     When is it safe for me to get back to running?     Why does my stomach look bloated all the time?     Is it normal for my neck to hurt after feeding my baby?     How soon can I start postpartum rehab?     Where do I go from here?

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The Postpartum Project will help answer all of those questions!

Here's how:

5 Phases

Taking you from the basic foundations of rehab all the way up to a full-on workout!

Educational Videos

I don't want you to just know what to do; I want you to know WHY.  Education is empowering!

Bonus Modules

Optional sections on returning to running and high level fitness, so you can accomplish your goals.

"The Postpartum Project has given me a guide to get me the level of exercise I want to achieve. I feel confident that my progress so far is going to help me exceed my goals. Laura is so helpful when you need modifications or have any questions. I would recommend this to any woman who has gone through pregnancy no matter how long ago because the fundamentals are necessary for your strength."

4 weeks postpartum

"I’m only in phase 1 of The Postpartum Project, and I’ve already learned practical skills that I am applying to my everyday life with my newborn, as well as exercises to get me stronger! "

10 weeks postpartum

"The Postpartum Project has given me a clear roadmap to recover from pregnancy and birth. This is my third pregnancy and I already feel stronger 3 months postpartum than I did a year postpartum with my first two babies. The progression is gentle and doable but challenging enough to build back your strength and function relatively quickly. "

12 weeks postpartum

Not sure if The Postpartum Project is the right choice for you?

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