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The Bladder Project is more than a fitness program.

Our mission is to provide a pelvic healthcare option for women who cannot work one-on-one with a pelvic health therapist.  Whether you do not have convenient access to a provider or one-on-one care is not currently in the budget, The Bladder Project can help you meet your pelvic health goals.
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Is Your Bladder Taking Up Your Mental Energy?


  • Do you leak when you jump or sneeze?
  • Do you rush to make it to the toilet?
  • Are you waking up at night to pee?
  • Does your body feel out of control since having kids?
  • Are you worried about how your incontinence is affecting your marriage, social life, and time with your children?
  • Are you convinced this is just your new normal?

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3 months

12 weeks of progressive pelvic floor and fitness exercises

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12 weeks

Each week consists of 5 days of educational videos from a pelvic floor therapist

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60 days

Printable fitness plans with customizable cardio, strength training, pelvic floor exercises, and relaxation

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"Two months into the program, I am able to cough, sneeze, jump, and do jumping jacks without leaking, which is amazing and I am very grateful for this."


"I would find myself when I would be on a run or a walk, once I got close to the house, really speeding up because I had to get to the restroom really fast before having any type of incident."

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Send us a message or give us a call at 615-933-9347 to speak with a pelvic floor physical therapist and have all your questions answered.

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